Which Is The Best Soccer Prediction Site For Fixed Matches

The best football forecasts are not those that make you earn a lot because they have a very high share, nor those that make you win insurance because they have a high probability of going well. Do not! The best football forecasts are those that make you win in the long run.

To identify them you have to look at both things at the same time: the potential winnings of that particular soccer bet and the chances of it going well. Only by combining these two factors can you carry out a consistent betting strategy.

Of course in the best football predictions, there is no place for favoritism or sentimentality. If you can’t be objective about your team or team, just don’t bet on it or if you do it, do it knowing that it’s probably not the best prediction you can make, because your analysis will be biased.

There are many tipsters who spoil their profits, betting on their teams, even though their teams usually win their matches. However, there are some websites that claim to have access to fixed games.


Do Fixed Matches Exists

Fixed games are theoretically football matches where a team or player has been influenced to manipulate the outcome of the match. This could be by allowing the opposition to score or getting a red card etc.

We certainly believe that fixed games exist but are only accessed by elite betting groups and not easily shared around.

The best bet that a punter can get is to access prediction platforms that have premium plans whereby you get the best tips from experienced tipsters with solid track record.

In this article, we will be looking at paid betting prediction site that will give you long-term results similar to fixed games.




This betting prediction platform is one that we have seen recommended within some circles. The site has over 8 years’ experience within the field of soccer betting. According to the information gotten on their platform predictions are provided by a team of expert tipsters.

In addition, they also offer insider information which increases the likelihood of games winning.  Fixedodd.tips games have 85%-90% accuracy which is quite impressive for a prediction service.

The records of previous games are kept on the website and from what we saw it is pretty good.  However, to be on the safer side it is better to subscribe to their cheapest plan so that you can test how reliable their tips are.



Betawin.net is one of the prediction websites that is rising in popularity in the past few years as many tipsters turn to their paid predictions. The website has a nice interface which is easy for beginners with a lot of information.

One thing that we love about the website is that you also get free tips on the homepage that you can use with full game analysis.  There are tons of games predicted daily that you can access for free on its homepage.





The Vip tips are also of quality vetoed by some of the best experts within Betawin.net.  You can always follow the regular free tips, before opting to subscribe for the Vip tips after successful results.



Soccercombo.info is a reliable sport betting tips website that has its roots in Asia. The paid betting prediction platform is popular among a cross-section of punters in Asia and claims to have insider information regarding fixed matches.

One way Soccercombo differs from the other websites on this list is that it provides its predictions in the form of combos. This according to them gives punters am 80% chance of cashing out on coupons.

It is an excellent strategy and shows that the website is run by an experienced group of tipsters.  In addition, the website also provides money management services for punters who have tendencies to stake higher than normal.

Although we are yet to test this platform, indications from those that use it, reveal that it is a decent platform to make steady and consistent profits.


Best-Tip 1×2

Best-tip is one of the betting prediction websites that we follow and have vast knowledge about. The website which claims to offer accurate paid prediction is one of the best in the business.

Although its platform could look complicated, scrolling down will lead you to ansetion for free tips. Having followed that section for a month, we can assure you that best-tip free predictions have an accuracy of 75%.

This is impressive for any betting prediction website.  It also offers a paid subscription for single games and you could also opt for the monthly plan.

From those that have tested the premium plans, there have been good results. You can always follow the free tips for a month before jumping onboard the paid plans.

In conclusion, football betting should be taken as an investment if you want to use these paid betting prediction websites.

It is important to have proper staking plan as well as the discipline to stick with it. In addition, before paying for a tipping service, test out the free tips as this will give you an idea of the accuracy of their predictions.



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