How To Calculate Soccer Draw Prediction

One of the strategies that can be good to bet on football is to bet on a draw. If we review the statistics of the teams of any league, we will see that they tie more than we think. The odds for draws are usually around, in general, 3.00 to 4.00.

The usual idea of ​​the bettor in football matches is to bet on a winning team. It is a popular belief that this is where we can get the most benefit and forget one of the results, the draw.


Which Is The Best Soccer Prediction Site For Fixed Matches


It is much harder to adjust the likelihood of a tie for bookmakers and that is why we believe that well-executed strategy can give long-term benefits and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.


Rules To Take Into Account To Bet On The Tie

Betting on draws is not rocket science since most odds are usually higher than 3, which in theory leads to a fairly low probability of success.  That is why we must take into account a series of criteria that in other cases we could ignore.

Let’s list these golden rules to choose matches with a higher probability of a draw :


  • Choose Teams That Score Few Goals

It is always advisable to look for matches between teams with few goals on the league table. Of course, there may be times when games are drawn between teams that score goals. But a team that does not have its top scorer or is missing its key playmaker will most likely draw in the long term.




  • Specific Draw Trends

There are some games whereby a draw favours both teams and with this, there is a high probability of a draw.  However this is not common and typically occurs either in the group stages of a competition or the last game of a season.

A point to note is that bookmakers tend to offer lower odds for these sort of games. However if you carefully study the last matches of each team you might find some matches that may seem competitive at first sight, but with a high probability of ending in a draw.


  • Look For Teams On DrawStreaks

A team with several consecutive draws generally does not do so just because of chance. These draws show a specific mentality or the coach’s way of thinking. Even today, there are coaches who are happy to score a point in an away game and only focus on winning their home games. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the teams that tend to make a series of draws or have tied many games for a certain period of time.


  • Is Any Team Satisfied With A Draw

You must put aside your usual way of analyzing a football match to find the winner. If you are used to searching for recent data, historical results or injuries and suspensions, you need to step back in your detailed reading and watch the game in a different way.

The keyword is motivation . Will either team be happy with a draw? A team that tries to get at least one point will continue defending until the last second. This creates an ideal scenario when trying to find draws.

This differs from the most common vision of the “search for draws.” Most punters will only look at the leaderboard and choose the closest teams.

This way of thinking is simple: when two teams are close to the table, they have a similar quality. And when they have a similar quality, their chances of canceling each other are high.

However, this is rarely common. When there is a small difference between them, both are motivated to win the game, not to tie. Tying the game might even seem like losing two points.




Best Strategy For Calculating Soccer Draw

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is easy and known to everyone, especially in its application to casino roulette games. We bet on an event and if it does not happen we double the amount in the next bet until we hit and win money.

The way to apply the Martingale strategy to draws in football matches is simple, we must choose a team on which to bet on the draw and place bets doubling the amount until we get it right.

The characteristics of the odds to the draws, usually between 3 and 4, allow us practically two failures for each bet won, also in the case of the martingale the later our success is much greater will be this win.

Problems With Martingale Strategy

What are the problems with this strategy? The bankroll available is the only problem.  Many teams draw during the season. In theory this is a safe strategy, the problem is the streak of losses that you can assume without losing a lot of money. This is why many tend to lose with this streak.


  • Choose Teams From Leagues That Score Low

We have to take teams with a tendency to under 2.5. That fit and score a few goals per game. These teams are usually in the middle of the table.  Wait for the first weeks of the championship, to observe this trend.

In leagues such as the French or Argentina, there are quite a few teams that play under and it will be easier to see their matches ending in a draw.


  • Decide The Amount For Exponential Betting

When raising the amount of the bet almost exponentially we must choose a loss cap, we know that the draw will come but what if it arrives on day 20? Can we assume the amount or will we have to leave it?

Choosing the initial amount is also key, if we bet €10 on the first day, after 4 days without a tie we would have to bet €160. Therefore, the initial amount must be chosen well.

In conclusion, betting on draws is quite profitable if done with an appropriate strategy, read through this article and apply the strategy.

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